Brinn made her way to LA after growing up in the small town of Merced, CA.  Finding fulfillment in fitness very early on, Brinn created lifelong friendships and purpose, connecting with other strong and fierce women like herself. She has always been very active, competing in gymnastics for many years as a state-ranked athlete while also enjoying a variety of other sports.  However, Brinn’s real passion is dance. She originally began dancing to help with her gymnastics career but soon fell in love with the artistry and expression given through dance. 

Brinn’s love of dance led her to double major in Communications and Theatre, with a minor in Dance at Loyola Marymount University in LA.  Currently pursuing careers in both acting and dance professionally, Brinn maintains fitness as a complimentary lifestyle and profession as well. 

Brinn believes indoor cycling to be great way to make cardio exercise more fun for others, and loves both receiving and sharing that magical group energy and encouragement with those in her in classes. She will push you to your limits in her class, while providing you all the energy you need to fly past those limits at the finish line.