+ It’s my first time… do I need a beginner class?

Riders of all levels are welcome in every class, and our team of certified instructors will help you set up the bike and clip in to the pedals. We’ll make sure you know your unique bike settings, and after a few classes, you’ll quickly become a pro! Clients are always encouraged to ride to their own ability and take breaks when needed. If it’s your first ride, please arrive at least 15 minutes early and let the front desk know you’re new.

+ How do I book a class?

To reserve your bike in advance, sign up for an account online and create a username and password. You can stop by the studio and sign up in person, but you might want to check the schedule online to make sure there is availability.

+ What should I wear and/or bring to class?

Comfortable sweat-wicking fabric is recommended, along with some form fitting shorts or pants that won’t interfere with the pedals. We offer complimentary towel service and shoe rentals, but remember to bring your own socks! Bottled water is available for purchase, or bring your own refillable bottle to use at our filtered water station. Hydration is important, so please drink plenty of water during the ride.

+ Do I need to wear cycle shoes, or can I wear my own sneakers?

For the most effective ride, cycling shoes are required to keep your knees aligned and prevent injury. Shoe rentals are included in the price of your ride, and our pedals accommodate both LOOK Delta and SPD cleats if you prefer to bring your own.

+ Does Chrome Cycle have lockers or locker rooms?

Our sleek 4-code lockers have easy-to-use keypads to keep personal items secure during your ride. We also have restrooms and changing rooms stocked with spa-grade amenities.

+ How many calories will I burn in a class?

A rider’s weight and level of exertion will determine how many calories are burned in a class. Research indicates that on average, between 500 and 800 calories are torched in a 50-minute class.

+ Is there a minimum age/height requirement?

For safety purposes, Chrome riders must be at least 13 years of age, and 4’11” or taller (regardless of age) to enjoy our classes. Riders 16 and younger must be accompanied by an adult in class, and those under 18 must have a parent/guardian complete a waiver before riding.

+ Can I take a class if I’m pregnant?

Many expectant mothers take classes at all stages of pregnancy, but please consult your physician beforehand, as each woman’s pregnancy is unique.

+ Do you have parking?

Parking is FREE and two levels of subterranean garage parking are available.