Our Story

“Restless Brilliance” is the label given to our Chrome culture. Founded on the core principles of hard work, respect and genuine compassion, we recognize that fitness is not “one size fits all” and we strive to inspire the athlete in every rider by offering high cardio, endurance building rides. Slow and thoughtful in the making, the Chrome brand has been carefully executed to draw on only the most positive aspects of indoor cycling, creating a fresh approach to boutique fitness. 

While music radiates through our crisp sound system as an integral part of the Chrome experience, the carefully selected beats create a connection between the rider and the power of the bike, encouraging each rider to achieve the most positive results.

Chrome Cycle is a family vested in each other’s success and joined by a passion to make our community a happier, healthier place. We offer monthly charity rides to support local non-profits, and believe to feel good, you must do good. 

Chrome is a versatile, treasured metal known for its high melting point, resistance, hardness, shine and luster. At Chrome Cycle, we believe that changing your body will ultimately change your mind and empower your spirit, and our community of resilient, like-minded people are dedicated to helping you live an inspired life through exercise and motivation.