Taylor was born and raised near Philadelphia, PA where she was an All American field hockey and lacrosse player, completing her own field hockey career as a Division 1 athlete at the University of Virginia. Making her way to the west coast to continue her passion in sports after college, Taylor brought her love of the game to LA by starting a youth field hockey club for young athletes.

While she loves coaching off the bike, Taylor also found a passion for teaching indoor cycling. Pushing herself out of her comfort zone and overcoming her shyness of public speaking, Taylor now thrives on the podium! Her bubbly personality and positive attitude come through both her teaching cues and her energizing and upbeat music playlists. Taylor’s favorite part of teaching is creating a fun and challenging atmosphere that makes class fly by while simultaneously creating a connection and evoking emotion from her riders. Taylor strives to leave each rider with a serious sweat and a huge smile after class.